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Data-Agile is an industry leader in providing high-impact, cost-effective, custom data management solutions, designed to improve performance, promote profitability & ensure measurable results through the harmonization, organization & visualization of data. We specialize in providing fully functional, customized, feature-rich visual reports that display critical business data in real-time, with descriptive, predictive and prescriptive algorithms that allows business leaders to obtain and maintain complete insight into their operations.


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Data-Agile is the creation, passion and culmination of years of experience and knowledge of technology experts with a combined working history of more than 95 years, implementing & supporting data solutions for a diverse group of organizations, using various disciplines of information technology. This experience is now formalized into Data-Agile Inc, a premiere provider of Enterprise Data-Management solutions.


Our Mission is simple..."To Create Business Agility Through Data Management". The experience of the Data-Agile leadership, along with high-quality performance, proprietary service offerings and aggressively competitive pricing model gives Data-Agile a distinct, competitive edge over rivals. Our mission is deeply rooted in the culture of our organization and our goal is to fulfill that mission at every client engagement.


Data-Agile's Global Industry Practices are dedicated to distinct industries. Each engagement, we align resources from our functional practices, design high-impact, value priced, custom solutions and then focus on specific key challenges and industry requirements to ensure success across the delivery lifecycle. Each practice contains in-house expertise.


Access, responsiveness, capacity and security are the foundations of the technology industry. We integrate our data & performance management methodology into the DNA of our client's corporate data strategy, allowing them to maximize their data utilization. To accomplish this, we provide ERP Solutions, Master Data Management & Data Lifecycle Management, to help manage and protect our client's critical data and intellectual properties, allowing each client to focus on their core business strategies.


Market saturation and supply-chain flexibility are major concerns in the manufacturing industry. Data-Agile specializes in the delivery of streamlined data management solutions, including BIG-DATA, Portal Optimization, Internet of Things (IOT), Digital Dashboards and more. Working closely with qualified industry experts, Data-Agile is able to provide custom solutions that address the specific requirements of manufacturers in the areas of cost, quality and the on-time delivery of our clients' commodities.


An evolving workforce combined with an aging population, increasing regulation, and decreasing commercial and government payments puts tremendous pressure on most healthcare organizations. Data-Agile provides comprehensive Process Alignment, Risk-Management and Data Integration solutions for Healthcare Organizations and their affiliates. Our industry experts are committed to addressing the Healthcare Industry's most challenging Operational, Cost Containment, and Data-Process issues.


Challenging economic conditions driven by the current sub-prime crisis have created economic uncertainty and a high-level of risk for companies operating in the Financial Institution sector. Through our experience in the Financial Industry, we are able to accurately evaluate a financial institution's Data Complexity, Industry Profile, Market Scope, and Technical Characteristics to identify Process, Technological or Risk-Management requirements, which allows us to provide more streamlined solutions.


The Transportation , Logistics & Waste Managament Industries are higly competitive. By investing in technology in this sector, local, global and even multinational firms postition themselves to better facilitiate the flow of transportation and goods throughout the worlds largest consumer market. Telematics, Fleet Management, Inventory Management and Back Office Solutions are all a part of the Data Agile Suite of Service offerings. We provide the predictive and preventative solutions that save money.


Retail & Wholesale Industries including Resturant Chains, Food Manufacturing, Clothing Manufacturers and BIG BOX Retail companies are now looking for data in the form of Market Metrics and Social Metrics to help obtain and maintain a competitive edge over the competition. Data on social trends and spending habits lays the ground work for many organizations to determine adjustments in their supply-chain or services in order to meet the on-going demands of a global consumer market base.



Data-Agile provides premium Data Management solutions including BIG DATA, Internet of Things (IOT), Master Data Management (MDM) Data Life Cycle Management (DLM), Data Archiving & Cloud Services, utilizing such technologies as HADOOP, HANA & Amazon Web Services & more.


Data-Agile provides industry leading Data Visualization Solutions, scalable from Visual Metrics using Excel Spreadsheets, to fully functional Digital Dashboards, using proprietary technologies to custom build and design feature rich visualizations that can be optimzied for streaming data.

DATA analytics

Data-Agile uses Data Analytics for the purpose of examining large data sets containing a variety of data types -- i.e., BIG DATA -- to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations, market trends, customer preferences and other useful information, all to enhance business performance.


Data-Agile provides full-service ERP Support & Application Development for applications such as SAP & Oracle JAVA, .Net, C++ and many more. Our support solutions include implementation, planning & deployment support, BI Support and custom application development.




I have procured Data Agile over several years to help with a variety of functions and tasks including, application development, software implementation, database design,  development and more. I have always praised their accessibility and flexibility, something I find more prevalent among boutique organizations such as this. There were timely, professional, experienced and thorough. I am glad to have engaged.  

Derrick Perry - Bank Of America

In my position of Senior Executive at a leading financial institution, I required visual insight into spend, trends and market data that was just too convoluted to grasp from the pages of our spread-sheets. Data-Agile built a custom dashboard that allowed me to have line of sight into the critical information I needed to function at the highest level within my department. I would recommend and use their services again as required.


I required a full array of data requirements, including pulling data from multiple data sets, organizing that data into one hub, and then grabbing up to the minute reports on a daily, hourly and sometimes as needed basis. The Data-Agile team, using one of their innovative and unique applications, was able to full the requirements and the scope of work that was defined, to our complete satisfaction. I highly recommend them.

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